Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You are your own best advocate!

As I talk to people facing diabetes, so often I find that they are struggling with the traditional diets and medications that are offered by the mainstream.   Drugs are usually the treatment method of choice and the conventional mainstream diabetic diets don't stray very far from the average non-diabetic diet.

Diabetes is difficult.  It takes a lot of work to manage.   Taking pills and insulin always ends up meaning that you will need more and more of these drugs as time goes on.   These drugs have side effects.    Diet is mentioned casually but medication is the chosen method of diabetes management by most doctors.  Supplements are rarely suggested.

I say, be your own advocate.  This is your diabetes, your health.   Since I began eating a very low carb diet and added new supplements my diabetes is as close to being reversed as it ever was.  

I spend a lot of time researching and reading.  This is important stuff.  My step dad died from diabetes.  He went blind first, had extreme pain from neuropathy for years.  It is worth it to try to keep your blood sugar down to as close to normal as possible.

I have tried many things.  Some have worked and some have not.  Now I have my diabetes in check.  an A1C of 6.1  (under 6.0 is normal)

I am happy to say that I have a progressive doctor.  I make suggestions for my own treatment and she approves of those suggestions.  She takes notes from me on what is working and has been very supportive.   If your doctor isn't interested in helping you beyond giving you medication than maybe you're in the wrong place.

Diet, exercise and supplements are important to add to your treatment regimen.  Get involved in a diabetes group.  There are some very good ones on facebook.   There are groups like Spark People for free weight loss support, etc.   We all need help on this journey.  Let's go!