Sunday, November 8, 2015

How To Handle The Holidays With Confidence

We are coming to the time of year that causes the greatest food temptations and the potential for overeating for everyone!   For diabetics though giving in to those temptations doesn't only mean some weight gain to shake off after the holidays but it can lead to high blood sugars, guilt, shame, self pity and even depression.   Not only that but "well meaning" relatives and friends tell you to relax and enjoy the holidays by eating the stuffing and pumpkin pie.   This can also cause you to feel anger because they seem to be unconcerned about your health or are not listening to you.

Most of us have experienced this.  I know that I certainly have.   Here are some tips to help you survive the holiday parties.  

Bring a favorite dish and make it low carb.  Don't ask if you can bring a dish.  Just bring it!  An example would be a low carb version of  Green Been Casserole, Cheesy Loaded Cauliflower, a Seven Layer Salad or a Cobb Salad.   Fill your plate with the meat and your sides and whatever else you can find that fit's in your eating plan.  If you are the one cooking the main meal you will have much more control over the meal and snacks and can choose to make things like a  Low Carb Stuffing and serve both a cauliflower mash and mashed potatoes.

For parties where snacks will be served bring a platter of assorted cheeses and bite sized beef sticks, Deviled Eggs or a veggies platter with a Cream Cheese Dip  or a Spinach Dip are other ideas.   While everyone is filling their snack plates with crackers and nachos you will fit right in by adding the cheese, beef bites and veggies and dip to your plate.  You will not feel at all left out this way and you won't feel hungry either.

Make a Low Carb Pumpkin Custard or a low carb Raspberry Parfait to eat when you get home and remind yourself that it is going to be there when you get home.

As for dealing with the pressure of dessert time someone gave me a really great tip and she swears it works perfectly!   Take a small piece of pie and chop a small piece from it with your fork and move it to the side of the plate.  During conversation stab at the pie a few times and put your fork down in between.  If you have a partner then finally just push the plate over to him/her and say that you are just "stuffed" and can't eat another bite.  If there is no one to pass it to then just get up from the table and stab at the dessert while walking into the kitchen. Set the dessert down and leave it there.   This only will work if you really can "walk away" from the pie!  Remind yourself that your low carb dessert is at home!

Alcoholic beverages are also part of this time of year so if you do choose to indulge choose wisely!   A vodka or gin with club soda or seltzer and a lime slice would be a good choice or a dry red wine if you like the taste.  A glass of dry white sparkling Champagne is also a low carb choice.   Alcohol can lower blood sugar so do keep that in mind.   See more about alcohol choices here.

So you see that you can survive the holiday parties with just a few low carb tricks up your sleeves and friends and family will barely notice.   You will be full and happy and you will be able to enjoy family and friends without feeling shame, guilt or anger.  You will instead feel very very proud of yourself!