Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Productive Day- Feeling Good!

I'm winding down from a great and productive Sunday.  As usual, my Sunday always means food preparation for the coming work week.

Today I made my new coconut, almond muffins so I will have them for breakfasts and snacks this week.  I also made some tuna salad with lots of celery and onions.  I threw some sliced almonds in for extra crunch.   That will be for throwing on top of salads for lunches.

I Boiled up some eggs that will be for breakfasts and a topper for salads too.  Oh and I cooked up more bacon too!  I went to the store and picked up some steaks for the grill, a pork roast for the crock pot, some bacon, cheese and vegetables.  So, I think I'm ready for the work week!

For supper tonight my husband cooked Bratwurst on the grill (enough left for another meal this week too!).  For the first time I tried wrapping my brats with romaine lettuce leaves.  Romaine works great for this because the romaine leaves are long and you can place the brat on top of two leaves, add the onions, pickles and condiments and simply wrap the sausage and eat it.   The brats were actually quite tasty this way!  I ate two of them for about 6 grams of carbs (most carbs from the ketchup).  I had a small piece of watermelon too as I've discovered that it doesn't spike my blood sugar much!

Finally, to end the day we took a five mile bike ride stopping at a relatives house at the half point of the ride.  My blood sugar reading after the bike ride came in at 89.  Priceless!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Using Canola Oil For Heart Health? Please Reconsider!

Revised Post- Updated

I swore off of  "processed" vegetable oils a few years ago.  Not only those oils containing trans fats, but processed vegetable oils as well.   I do end up consuming small amounts in dressings at restaurants and I accept that taking my own dressings every where with me is not really convenient especially when traveling.

I watched a few videos and read some books that talk about these so called "healthy" oils that we were told to switch to in the late 1970's about the same time we were told that meat and saturated fats were bad for us.

I consider myself to be a rather intelligent person so I began to question why processed man made oils would be better for us than natural oils that nature and god gave us.  I have also read that these man made oils have been potentially contributing to the increase in heart disease over the past 30-40 years.   You can read a little more about that in this Science Daily Article from 2013.

I watched a video about how Canola oil is made from the rapeseed. Rapeseed is a seed used in making mustard gas and is also used to make industrial solvents!   It's toxic so when they process the rape seed they have to remove those toxins with a solvent.  Next, they bleach it and then remove the wax which is then used to make shortening and margarine.  Yum!  Next they wash the oil with sodium hydroxide.  After that they bleach it again and deodorize it because it smells pretty bad. Because of the multiple heating processes the oil is rancid before it even hits the grocery store shelves!   Dr Josh Axe writes about that in his post:  Are You Eating Rancid Oils? 

Please watch the video below.  Oh, and just forget the first part of the video where it says its so healthy.  You'll understand what I mean right after you watch it!

I'd like you to see for yourself and decide if you really want to put this stuff into your body.  I don't want to put it in mine!  I'm trying to reverse my diabetes and get heart healthy.   Eating right is important!  Click on each link for the short three minute videos.

Olive oil is a much better choice if you wish to use a non-solid oil.  You can see the difference in how it is made here.  Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Lard and old fashioned Tallow like Great Grandma used to eat are all good choices.

If you still want to know more read The Great Con-ola by Mary Enig


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Settling In

Just like moving into a new home where it takes time to get used to all the new surroundings, getting used to the "newness" of diabetes takes some time.   It's been a year and a half since my diabetes diagnosis and I have to say that I am finally settling in and starting to feel like my new life is normal.   I wasn't sure that I was ever going to be able to say that but the day has come.

Does that mean that I have it totally figured out?  No, not exactly.   What I have learned is more about me.  How my body responds to foods, stress, exercise and non-exercise.  I've learned what foods to avoid and what foods to eat to keep my blood sugar as close to normal as possible.  I know what will happen if I decide to eat the bag of chips.  That doesn't mean I won't eat them necessarily but I know what will happen if I do!

I've learned to take my favorite recipes and adapt them to limit carbs and blood sugar spikes.   I've learned some new recipes, made up some new recipes and I've found the right mix of supplements that work for me.

My blood sugar numbers have stabilized for the most part although there is the occasional bad day.   I'm to the point where I probably could stop pricking my finger several times a day but I seem to be addicted to wanting to know my "number" all the time.  Funny, isn't it?  I mean why do I want to keep pricking myself several times a day?

I know that many who read this are not "settled in" yet.  But hopefully you will be soon.  Find the right articles to help you, read the right books, listen to the people who have been successful and find out how they did it.   You will get there.

Here is a very helpful article by Dr. Mercola.    He says everything that I would say but of course just linking to him is a lot easier.  Just click on the following link.    Reversing Diabetes Is Possible!