Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Productive Day- Feeling Good!

I'm winding down from a great and productive Sunday.  As usual, my Sunday always means food preparation for the coming work week.

Today I made my new coconut, almond muffins so I will have them for breakfasts and snacks this week.  I also made some tuna salad with lots of celery and onions.  I threw some sliced almonds in for extra crunch.   That will be for throwing on top of salads for lunches.

I Boiled up some eggs that will be for breakfasts and a topper for salads too.  Oh and I cooked up more bacon too!  I went to the store and picked up some steaks for the grill, a pork roast for the crock pot, some bacon, cheese and vegetables.  So, I think I'm ready for the work week!

For supper tonight my husband cooked Bratwurst on the grill (enough left for another meal this week too!).  For the first time I tried wrapping my brats with romaine lettuce leaves.  Romaine works great for this because the romaine leaves are long and you can place the brat on top of two leaves, add the onions, pickles and condiments and simply wrap the sausage and eat it.   The brats were actually quite tasty this way!  I ate two of them for about 6 grams of carbs (most carbs from the ketchup).  I had a small piece of watermelon too as I've discovered that it doesn't spike my blood sugar much!

Finally, to end the day we took a five mile bike ride stopping at a relatives house at the half point of the ride.  My blood sugar reading after the bike ride came in at 89.  Priceless!

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