Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Results After Adding New Supplement Formula!

A few months ago,  I changed to a new supplement that had a blend of supplements that I was already taking in individual pills.  The new supplement also had several additional nutrients and herbs that I had wanted to start taking.   I was very happy to find this supplement because it enabled me to take one capsule instead of taking ten.    I never share results here until I've been on them long enough to be certain of their effectiveness or non-effectiveness.   In this case, I also gave this supplement to my Mom (type 2 insulin dependent for 15 years).

This new supplement is called Vitabase Blood Sugar Formula.   After 2 months, I continue to be impressed with the results.   Although I try to stay on a low carb diet which is what works best for me, I've found that I can relax my eating standards a bit and I still have excellent blood sugar control while taking the Blood Sugar Formula.    Since my first week using this formula I have not seen any after meal numbers over 130 mg/dl.  Prior to adding this formula my after meal numbers averaged 140-165.  My pre-meal numbers have also come down, although not as significantly.

You may think that 140-165 after meal numbers aren't really that high to begin with but I had already lowered my numbers several months earlier with the addition of biotin and chromium picolinate as you can read in my past posts.  My after meal numbers a year ago averaged 155-185 or more.

In addition to changes in my after meal numbers, my morning number has come down from about 145 fasting to 120 or below fasting.  

So now, I can eat pizza!   Well, I'm not going to let myself go back to unhealthy eating habits but it is nice to know that I can relax my diet restrictions a bit once in a while :)

After my success, I offered this to my Mom who has been frustrated with her numbers continuing to go up and up in spite of increasing metformin and increasing her after dinner insulin.   I had at first given her the biotin and chromium mix a few weeks earlier which helped her significantly.  She was already reducing her insulin in the evening.   Once I was having good success on the Vitabase formula myself I gave my Mom a week's supply of it.   My mom is not one to watch what she eats which has been part of her problem.  After the 2nd day, she called me to report.   She said that her after meal number was 188.    I didn't think that was too significant until she said "It's usually over 300!"   On the sixth day she called me in a panic because she was going to be out of the pills the next day.   She told me that she had blood sugar numbers below 150 and was cutting back on her insulin.  She said that her morning numbers were now under 90.  She called my brother and told him "you have to get some of this stuff!"

Now that my Mom has been on this for 3 weeks her after meals numbers are usually below 130 and she no longer has any numbers over 160 anytime of the day.   The biggest concern for her now is that because she still takes insulin at night her morning numbers have been around 70 and she has to be more careful in taking her insulin at night so that she doesn't go too low in the morning.   That is a concern that she will need to address with her doctor.

For myself, I have seen a drop in my A1c from 6.8 in Dec 2010 to 6.1 in March 2011 after 3 months on the biotin and chromium mix.  After adding the Vitabase formula in March my average glucose is less than 130 every time I test it and my A1c is in the normal range, under 6.0.

Better than that I can report that my HDL (healthy cholesterol) has gone up from 46 in Dec 2010 to 55 at the end of April 2011. My LDL is down by 30 points, triglycerides are now within normal range and my blood pressure is down from an average of 140/90 to 105/80.   This is true success for me!

For anyone wishing to try this same regimen it is the following: 5000 mcg biotin, 800 mcg chromium picolinate, 2000 IU's of Vitamin D and 1 Vitabase Blood Sugar Formula twice a day.  All  of these supplements should be taken together about a half hour before lunch and a half hour before supper.    If you have high blood sugar after breakfast you can take one of the Vitabase before breakfast as well because the bottle recommends up to 3 a day before a meal.

I sometimes take 2 Vitabase if I go to a big buffet or a party and I know I'm going to over eat or I am going to have lots of carbs.   Everyone is different in when their blood sugar goes highest so you may find that trying the supplements earlier in the day is better for you.  

Again, I will state that you should continue to work with your health provider and always tell them what supplements you are taking.  My doctor knows what I am taking and approves of it all.  I have a very progressive doctor and I am appreciative of that fact.

I get my Vitamin D, biotin and chromium picolinate at Puritans Pride because it is usually buy 2 get 1 free.   The Blood Sugar Formula and a listing of it's ingredients are found at the Vitabase website which is on the products page at the top of this blog.

If you try this and it works or doesn't work for you please let me know!  I want to know if this is successful for others as well.   I will be 55 next month and healthy!

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