Saturday, November 16, 2013

Heading Down The Slippery Slope!

I've been very, very good and now have also been bad.  Without really knowing it I have gone down the slippery slope of allowing my self a bit too much dietary freedom in the past month.

It happened very innocently and casually almost unnoticeable to me until something happened to hit me square in the forehead, you know, like in that V8 commercial!  Bonk!  High blood sugars!  Dawn Phenomenon!  Both suddenly back to visit me.  WTH!  What happened?

What happened is that I started regressing to my old ways of liberalism, that is liberalism with my food choices;  a little bit here and a little bit there; too many added ingredients adding up to additional uncounted carbs.

I have always tried to keep meals simple.  That is the best way to know how many carbs, proteins and fat I'm getting.   When I start combining ingredients or increasing portion sizes I can get into trouble.  That is what happened this past week.

I made several dishes that were healthy and low carb but in total were just too high in carbs or too low in fat.   I was also allowing extra vegetable portions and larger than usual meat portions.  Because my blood sugar has been so good I thought I could eat a 5 oz portion of meat rather than the 3 oz portions that I had been eating.  The Egg Fu Yung with just a bit of gravy the last time didn't hurt my blood sugar so the next day I added just a bit more gravy.  The extra portion sizes and the addition of a few sauces were making my blood sugar creep up.   It didn't happen overnight but it happened over several days.

While I was enjoying some low carb casseroles and dishes and taking second helpings (they were so good!)  I was pushing myself out of ketosis.  Some of these mistakes were just little things like eating the 2 breaded chicken nuggets that my husband didn't eat and a few of those curly fries that just looked so good!  Oh and I almost forgot the $5.00 movie night with free popcorn.  I only ate one cup!  It had butter on it too!  That was fat, right?   My blood sugar was just fine after that.  I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't higher and it wasn't bad the next day either!  Ah, but the slippery slope!  Slowly, a little bit each day my blood sugar was going up.  After meals and fasting too!

I really couldn't pinpoint the problem until I was once again watching a presentation by Nora Gedgaudes and went back to her book, "Primal Body, Primal Mind".   I got my wake-up call!

I have to go back to basics!  Very low carb, adequate but moderate protein (2- 3 oz's a meal) and fats to fill in the remainder and fill me up!  It's not rocket science but it is important science for managing diabetes.  I hope that I will be more mindful of that in the future!  Let my mistake keep you from making the same one!  Thank you again  Nora Gedgaudes for your wisdom!


  1. I liked this especially since I live with an insulin diabetic that tells me that a few chips, a cookie or two, a little pasta or some bread once in awhile wont hurt me!! To me, these items are POISINOUS to me now ~~ I will not let this disease win & wont go on insulin !! Thanx Sandy ~~