Thursday, February 5, 2015

Just One More Travesty Of The FDA and the USDA- Almonds In The USA

Metformin, the most used diabetes drug is now being promoted as a cancer preventive drug.  The drug companies are urging doctors to give it to patients at pre-diabetes levels to not only help with blood sugar control but also as a cancer preventative.   It is an inexpensive drug and therefore affordable to even those who do not have insurance.

There is no doubt that there are some studies that show the effectiveness of Metformin.   It works somewhat in the same fashion as a LCHF diet or caloric restriction does.   It activates AMPK which kills or inhibits cancer cell growth.

Of course because Metformin is a drug and the pharmaceutical companies can make money selling it, it will be used as a "cancer" preventative in order to make more sales. 

A vitamin called B-17, also known as Laetrile, is a naturally occurring vitamin that has been shown to be very effective on cancer.  It is banned in the U.S. because the drug companies can not profit from the sale of it.   

This is so wrong!  Vitamin B-17 used to be in our B Complex formulas before they banned it in the 1970's.   It harmed no one but because it was such a successful cancer treatment it was made illegal.

I just discovered yesterday that almonds, a top source of B-17,  have to be pasteurized in the U.S.  Pasteurization makes the B-17 and the other vitamins and minerals mostly unavailable to the body.  Did you know that even raw organic almonds are pasteurized?   In most cases a chemical process called PPO (toxic fumigation treatment with propylene oxide).

The FDA claimed that the pasteurization  was needed because some people were sensitive to the small amount of Aflatoxins and could cause Salmonella.  

Aflatoxins can occur in other foods, such as groundnuts, tree nuts, (hazelnuts, pistachios, etc.) maize, rice, figs and other dried foods, spices and crude vegetable oils, and cocoa beans, as a result of fungal contamination before and after harvest.  Any of these foods can potentially cause a Salmonella outbreak as well but they are not pasteurized to "protect" us. These other foods do not have high levels of Vitamin B-17.  

In September of 2007, the F.D.A. claimed that raw almonds had been linked to two salmonella outbreaks in five years, and that all almonds needed to be pasteurized, because they were suddenly a danger to the nation's health.  These salmonella outbreaks were not due to any organic almonds.

 Aflatoxins can occur in foods, such as groundnuts, tree nuts, (hazelnuts, pistachios, etc.) maize, rice, figs and other dried foods, spices and crude vegetable oils, and cocoa beans, as a result of fungal contamination before and after harvest.   It is also found in animal feeds if the grain was damp at harvest.

If the aflatoxin concern was truly the case, why aren't figs, other nuts, rice and these other foods pasteurized as well?   Main reason?   They don't have high levels of the illegal vitamin B-17 as almonds do.  In fact almonds are the second highest source of B-17.   Other seeds containing the highest sources are apricot and peach seeds and apple seeds.   Many cultures do eat these seeds.  They open them up and take out the soft center of the seeds.  We in the U.S. throw them out so there is no reason to make them illegal or pasteurize the fruit.   

Another popular Almond now illegal to sell in the U.S is the Bitter Almond and bitter almond trees are now illegal in the United States.  These bitter almonds have a higher concentrate of B-17 than regular almonds and were a very popular alternative cancer treatment being used in the United States until they were banned in 1995.

According to the modern FDA., bitter almonds are poisonous, but somehow bitter almonds became a serious health danger just after it was also discovered that they contain the cancer destroying vitamin.  Coincidence?   Bitter almonds had been eaten by humanity unimpaired during the previous 9,000 years of history.

In Europe the batches of almonds and other foods are simply tested for the level of Aflatoxins in all tree nuts ,including nuts that are imported from other countries.    They also test animal feed.  They do not pasturize almonds as the U.S does and therefore if you live in Europe you have the benefit of the B-17 vitamin that is cancer protective.

Now I need to reconsider the use of chemically processed almonds in my diet unless they are steam pasteurized.  Very few places sell the steam processed almonds as it is more expensive process. 

Thanks FDA for ruining one more food that I thought was actually good for me and may have prevented cancer in the masses!    But heh, I guess I can buy some Metformin instead!

Here is a website that gives some links to find truly unpasteurized almonds in the U.S.


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