Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bye Bye Meter!

A few days ago I made a change in my daily routine that has given me a feeling of freedom from bondage.

I have stopped checking my blood sugar!  Yup!  You heard that right!   Let me clarify though.   I am randomly checking once a day or once every other day to make sure that I am remaining on track.
A few weeks ago I posted a nice chart of my steady blood sugar readings.   It was only a two week snapshot.  I looked back over the last 5 months and realized that I had met some major goals in my nearly non-diabetic life.   The goal met is to have basically normal blood sugar from 65-110.  The 110 a post meal goal.

For five months I have mainly met that goal.  That is not to say that I haven't had a few higher numbers.  I do when I am ill or when I do strenuous exercise or I have a very high amount of stress.  Those highs are short lived and not very often.  Perhaps once or twice a month at best and an occasional 120 isn't really even a "high" sugar.

After 27 months of a ketogenic diet, (The Art & Science Of Ketogenic Living, Volek & Phinney)
I have learned what to eat for my own personal body.  I no longer need to test post meal spikes because I don't eat foods that are questionable.  I no longer need to adjust portion size because I have learned MY OWN personal portion size.   I have learned what kind of snacks are best for my metabolism.  Along the way my liver and pancreas have begun to dance well together again.

So I have a new found freedom to not have to think about my meter at every meal and not to think of myself as a diabetic every time I see my meter laying on my bathroom counter.  I have put it in a drawer now.  It waits for my random test and I go happily about my days not focusing on what was nearly an attachment for me.  Happy Day!

What is in this post for you, my readers?    Don't think that your body is someone else's body.  Do not mistake your insulin resistance for someone else's insulin resistance.   Do not think that someone elses portion size should be your portion size.   You are unique.  Your Diabetes management is unique.  Learn your own body.  Eat to YOUR meter.   You will get there!  This all takes time and effort but your day to put the meter in the drawer may also come!

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