Friday, November 26, 2010

Don't under estimate the importance of nutrients!

Over the last few months I found that my blood sugar numbers were kind of all over the place and higher than they had been in the previous months.   After thinking about what I was doing differently I came up with a few things.   I had recently cut down on some of the supplements that I was taking, mainly vitamin D.  I ran out of my 5000 IU bottle and so I bought some new bottles that were 2000 IU about two months ago.  My numbers have been higher ever since no matter what else I do, even extra exercise wasn't doing it for me.    I knew that my Diabetes had been under good control a few months ago when I was taking the higher amounts of vitamin D so I decided to increase it once again.  I also went back to taking a daily supplement of magnesium which I also had stopped taking.   I increased my vitamin D to 6000 IU's.  I added what would be simply the daily RDA of magnesium as well.   What a difference!   My fasting blood sugar has been down 15-20 points each day and my after meal readings have all been about 20 points lower.  

Today was Thanksgiving.  I had Turkey and all the trimmings... mashed potatoes, gravy, a bit of cranberry sauce and sweet potato and a slice of pumpkin pie!   2 1/2 hours after that big meal my BS reading was 128!  That's virtually normal for an after meal reading.   I expected it to be over 180.  I was so pleased.

Oh, and since I added the extra vitamin D and magnesium back into my diet I have also lost the 5 pounds that I had put back on.   So, today is a good day!    So, again, nutrients are a really important component of controlling diabetes.   For an hour long presentation on vitamin D and the numerous heath benefits from it check out Dr. Mercola's website at

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