Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Progress

Since I made my resolution to start Dr Al Sears PACE exercise program and follow the glycemic load eating plan, I'm feeling very positive.  I think that I've really finally found the key to eating properly for diabetes.  The Glycemic load is different than the GI plan in that it determines it's effect on blood glucose by portion size.   So, something may have a GI number of say 70 but it's glycemic load may only be 4 by it's portion size of 1/2 cup.  (watermelon is an example).
Dr. Sears explains the GL very well in his book.

So, I'm experimenting a lot and I'm finding that the foods that are below 10 on the glycemic load scale really don't do much to my blood glucose.  This is good.  Very, very good!

The exercise part... I'm still struggling with getting myself motivated to stick to a schedule but I'm working on it and I will get there.

To check the glycemic load for your foods check out
To learn more about what the glycemic load is check out Dr. Mendosa

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