Sunday, January 2, 2011

I hate it when I screw up!

I started out so well yesterday.   I made some special soup that had lentils and a bit of barley, fresh vegetables, spinach and cabbage.... oh and it tasted good too!    Everything I ate yesterday was low glycemic and healthy.  I made my healthy chia/flax and cocoa drink  (see my recipes).  I did my 14 minute PACE program exercise and all seemed good.    Then came last night and a movie at home.  I had some left over tortilla chips from Christmas so I thought it would be a good treat to grab some nacho cheese dip to go along with the tortilla chips and the movie.   Then there was that gumdrop cookie, (just one cookie mind you, after all I do have some control!).  A little later I saw the leftover mini wieners in BBQ sauce so I heated up about five of them too!

So much for yesterday!  I hate it when I do this!

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