Sunday, May 9, 2010

5 Months from Type 2 Diagnosis

Well, it's Mothers Day today and it's also the five month anniversary of my Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis. Believe it or not I do have reason to celebrate it. I almost can't believe the progress I've made in these last five months. I've come from denial and anger to acceptance and control. I've come from an average fasting blood glucose level of over 225 to an average of 125. An A1c of 8.8 in December 2009 to an A1c of 6.8 a few weeks ago.... and still going down. Down, down, down to normal, I hope. I'm going to share in my posts how I got to where I am today with my Diabetes. I believe that others can get here too.

Now I must put out a disclaimer before I go any further. Everyone's experience is different. No ones body reacts like anyone else's body. What I have done may work for some and not for all. There are things I have tried that work for me and may or may not work the same for you. Our doctors and families need to be involved with us in this journey. What I share is my experience. Go beyond what I share about my experience and research how something may benefit you or not benefit you. This is where I end my very first blog today. More to come.

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