Sunday, May 16, 2010

More About Supplements

As I mentioned a few posts ago... I was kind of stuck in the same place as far as my blood sugar was concerned.   Don't get me wrong, I am overall very pleased with my success so far.  My doctor thinks that it is an amazing accomplishment to have lowered my A1c from 8.8 to 6.8 in three months.   but my goal is aggressive.   I know the damage that can be done over time with this disease.   My goal is to reverse this thing.   So, after buying Dr. Whitaker's book I was pretty exited about trying some of the new supplements and herbs that I read about.   One of the supplements was vanadyl sulfate or vanadium.   The book explains how this nutrient acts very similar to insulin and is especially helpful in lowering morning or fasting blood sugar.  I'm not going to get into re-writing the text of the book here but I knew that this was one supplement that I wanted to try because my morning blood sugar highs have been a problem for me.   Researching it further on the internet,  I learned that this supplement alone is all that some people need to bring their sugar back to a normal range.   I also learned about a form of vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine.    This vitamin helps convert carbohydrates to fuel.   It also helps to prevent Neuropathy, a complication of diabetes.

The book "Reversing Diabetes" suggests several other vitamins and supplements that I discovered I already had sitting in a bottle in my medicine cabinet.    The Vitamin formula was called Multi-betic.   I had forgotten that I even bought it.  I pulled the bottle out and read the ingredients.  I was surprised to find that many of the supplements mentioned in the book were in Multi-betic including the vanadyl sulfate and the pyridoxine.    I started taking the recommended 2 tablets a day.   Within a week my blood sugar was down another 10-15 points bringing my fasting blood sugar down to a "high normal" of about 113.

I am really pleased that I am getting closer to reversing my diabetes.   While there is no magic pill, and I still have to watch what I put into my mouth,  I believe that the chia seeds and the other supplements including the Multi-betic are helping me to attain my goals.    You can find this at Walgreens and other drugstores.  I buy mine as a double pack at

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